Zone Tech Pink Hanging Dice - 5 X 5 Cm Pair

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Product Description

  • The Zone Tech Fuzzy Dice, designed to hang inside any automobile, will add pizazz to your car. It will provide you with a shot of color in a visible noticeable place. With its universal fit you can never go wrong. Use it in your car, van, truck or even bus!
  • The Zone Tech Dices hang easily from your rear-view mirror. Therefore they will enhance your car without obscuring your view. Although generally used in cars, the dices will look great in your home or office too.
  • Zone Tech offers a variety of dices. Check out our red, green, blue and black dices too and choose the one to your best liking. Just hang them from your mirror and you will be cruising in style!
  • Properties: 2 inch plush fuzzy pink dices in brand new condition.
  • Zone Tech Brand is known worldwide with superior product quality and service

Pink Hanging Dice- a Pair

The dice will give your car cool look that will be the envy of all your friends. These cute plush dices come in a variety of bold bright colors. They greatly enhance your car without creating a distraction or blocking your view. It serves as a great distraction for kids too. The dices are an affordable, snazzy, stylish accessory for your car.

-Package includes Pink Fuzzy Dices -
-Dimensions: Approximately square inches-
-Material: Plush, Cozy Fabric-
-Uses: Cars, home, offices etc.-
-Color: Pink-

Brand is known worldwide with its superior product quality and service

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