M & H 24 European Car Parking Timer Disc for Car Ice Scraper 3 Chips Basket Plastic Blue

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Product Description

  • Europa timer clock for your shopping Park panes set with 3 shopping trolley token with astrological - Car Features Car Accessories
  • Tell the game shopping trolley coin chip's car forfeit list space for parking on the back of the clock
  • The clock has a table and 4 wheel over the light which can be Ankunfs time setting
  • The timer clock plastic with rubber lip in blue the dimensions are 15 x 11 x 0.5 cm - not paper or cardboard
  • Box contents: 2 pcs timer clock with approval according to German Road Traffic regulations for car, auto timer clock with 6 pcs shopping trolley chips Amazon Prime

Europe timer clock, clock car scraper with 3 shopping trolley token with astrological
 hours display, ice scraper and rubber lip
& # 9 The clock on the back 3 shopping trolley tokens and has three clip holder
They're convenient wedging it into the window frame on the back store, so that you never have to search again.
& # 9 with this parking disk you have at the same time a emergency ice scraper with fluted and smooth side in the car.
So that you can also hold your car windows by Snow and Ice gently and effectively remove in the winter.
& # 9 streak-free cleaning results thanks to the flexible abziehlippe. which at the bottom of the timer clock.
& # 9 The dimensions of the clock are 5.5 x  x 0.5 cm) and the colour is blue and the material is made of hard plastic and rubber.
& # 9 The timer clock is suitable for the road to the road traffic regulations approved.
In or the European ausland. This Euro timer clock is available in all of Europe.

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