Heko 31150 Wind Deflectors

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Product Description

  • Wind Deflector VW GOLF V 5d od 04-08r (+OT) HTB

For Door Models Only
This set of wind deflectors is specifically designed for the door version of this vehicle and will only fit the door model. The door has slightly shorter doors than the 3 door model.
What do wind deflectors do?
Wind Deflectors are also known as door rain deflectors, rain guards or window guards. They maximize comfort while driving and increase air flow through the car, reducing wind turbulence and buffeting inside the cabin.

They're constructed from a lightly tinted scratch resistant durable plastic material which can withstand heavy car wash treatment and do not hinder side mirror visibility. Wind deflectors have a sleek and aerodynamic design and make a great addition to any vehicle.

One of the most widely known names when talking about deflectors, Team are known for their high standards and quality with a dark tint and elegant look to the deflectors.

How to fit wind deflectors?
Fitting wind deflectors is a simple 'do it yourself' job which does not require any mechanical knowledge or special tools to fit them. Check out our installation video below. All wind deflectors come with illustrated fitting instructions.

Before fitting, hold the deflector up to the door frame of your car to ensure it is the correct shape and size. Be sure to remove the protective plastic film prior to fitting. Most kits have fitting clips to secure the deflectors in position. In some cases fitting clips are not required. Any models that require clips will have the fitting clips included.

As well as we also stock popular brands such as G3, Airvit, GellyPlast and Farad.
Technical Specifications
Fitment : -Door
Installation : Easy to Install - simple clip-in type - no tools required
Colour : Lightly Tinted And Scratch Resistant
Set Contains : 2 front and 2 rear deflectors

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