ASTARIN Breathalyzer,Professional Alcohol Breathalyzer Portable Breathalyser UK Highly Kit with LCD Digital Display & Semiconductor Sensor Car Breathalyser(with 8 Mouthpieces)

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Product Description

  • ENERGY-SAVING: Test results will be shown about 10 seconds, then our professional breath alcohol tester will be switched off automatically. As long as you install a battery, you can test more than 80 times.
  • HIGH PRECISION SENSOR: The LCD Display allows higher accuracy. The automatic alarm with beep sound will be heard once the test result is above 0.05%BAC or 0.50‰BAC or 0.25mg/L or 50mg/100ml. It can also be used to test breast-feed mothers to make sure they can feed their babies.
  • SIMPLE OPERATION: The breathalyzer is extremely easy to use. Just press the power button for one second to start the professional breathalyzer alcohol tester, waiting for 15 seconds for warming-up, then blow with the tester for 5-6 seconds, the result will be ready after 3 seconds, and it will be displayed on the LCD screen for 10 seconds.
  • SMALL AND PROTABLE SIZE: It's small and portable size. Perfect to test yourself and your friends, or the family for a quick, easy and reliable way to test your alcohol content.
  • EASY TO READ -- The backlight LCD displaymakes it much easier for the night display and gives you professional accuracy for safe driving.

Astarin Professional Breathalyzer provides you with high-precision test results and do smarter decisions after drinking, making your driving more secure
Alcohol Tester for Breastfeeding Mother
When a mother doesn't make sure the safe alcohol before the breastfeeding, test it with our Breath Alcohol Tester, which is healthy and safe to your baby.
Test Yourself, Friends and Family
With its small compact size and long using life, Portable Breath Alcohol Tester is perfect for testing yourself as well as your friends and family. Gain peace of mind and keep your loved ones safe with alcohol content.
Product dimensions (L * W * H): 1 x 8 x 2 mm
Weight: 3 g / 1.31 oz Detection range: 0.00% -0.% BAC; 0.00-0.99 mg / l
Alert Level: (Optional) 0.05% BAC; 0.50% BAC; 0. mg / l; 50mg / 101ml Accuracy: -0.01 - + 0.02% BAC(0.05%Alarm point)
Warm-up time: 10s
Response time: less than 5s
Blowing time: within 10 seconds (usually 3-5 seconds)
Powered by: 2 AAA batteries (not included)
Working temperature: 5 °- 40 °Weight: 0.12lb
Package Included
-1 X Breath Alcohol Tester
-8 X Mouthpieces
-1 X Manual
Please wait at least 3 minutes to begin next test after last test.
Please do not squeeze or smash this Breath Alcohol Tester.
Don't put any excitant substances around it, such as insecticides and alcohol.

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